How Seattle’s Up and Coming Startup is Enabling Innovative Creativity


            With how quickly companies and teams must put out products to stay on the cutting edge, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Having scattered projects and data may delay product output and make for a dulled creative process. Based in Seattle, Washington, Parlay Concepts is changing the way we approach design thinking and concept management. Allowing customers to invest their time and resources into building creative solutions rather than on process and reporting.

            Coming to the table with customizable dashboards, concept boards, and built in design-thinking methods, Parlay Concepts creates an organized, concise space for your concepts to flow effortlessly through three phases: discover, ideate, and validate. “The Parlay tool enables our team to streamline our status review process within a matter of clicks instead of deck build outs. The tool has been a beneficial aid to our team for managing our innovation process,” says Kerel Fryar, the Director of Creative Product Innovation for Hilton.

            Hilton Hotels has been on the cutting edge of innovation for nearly 100 years. Staying ahead of the curve in innovation and advancement is key in any industry; with Hilton’s new innovation incubator recently opening in Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia- keeping their projects not only organized but presentation-ready is crucial in their success and marketability. Success in the beginning stages can mean life or death for the futuristic ideas that can be found in their showroom.

            Prior to Parlay, Hilton, like many companies, used a homegrown system of PowerPoint files to manage their portfolio. There was a deck for each project and one for an overall dashboard. They would have to spend time formatting each document, storing on a network drive, finding the right version, fighting multiple copies, various emails flying. In short, it’s a nightmare. Moving to the Cloud with Parlay allows you to have all your projects live at all times, no scrambling required.

            But hesitation naturally accompanies making such a huge switch. You already have your own system and process; completely changing platforms could interrupt your team’s flow or productivity. The Parlay space is customizable for many different team’s needs. Your team won’t need to conform to the toolset, have it match what you’re already successfully accomplishing. Discover, Ideate, and Validate is the baseline suggested flow for projects that you can try out for free; but Parlay’s innovation experts can help map your existing process into the tool.

            Having a wholistic, refreshed view of all your projects gives you up-to-date timelines and reports without needing to check in with every team member. You’ll always be able to show off the story of your innovation portfolio to executives, stakeholders, and internal teams; opening the opportunity to focus of the creative content rather than preparing for reports. Without constantly moving info around for updates to your team and manager, you can spend more time on the things you love: creating and innovating.