Concept Management for Your Innovation Team

When your team uses the Parlay web app, you'll spend more time building creative solutions and less time on process and reporting.  

Parlay provides tools for your entire innovation team throughout concept development:

  • Dashboards show the live status of your portfolio
  • Concept boards automatically compose pitch materials from raw work
  • Built-in design-thinking methods expand your team's toolbox

Already have a process that's working for your team? Customize the innovation framework to match your established process, so it feels like a modern web app was built just for your team.  


Develop a Holistic Vision for Your Concept

Bring clarity to the messy work of innovation by advancing your projects through each of these phases: Discover, Ideate, and Validate.

Within each phase, collaborate seamlessly with teammates on the essential topics to move your concept forward. 

 Who is your  customer  ?  What  problem  are you trying to solve? Who is your  competition?

Who is your customer?
What problem are you trying to solve?
Who is your competition?

 What is your proposed  solution  ?  What is your  value prop  for customers? How  feasible  is your concept?

What is your proposed solution?
What is your value prop for customers?
How feasible is your concept?

 Does your solution  test  well? What is your concept's  business case?  What is your  go to market  strategy?

Does your solution test well?
What is your concept's business case?
What is your go to market strategy?

Matched to Your Company's Process

Does your company already have an established concept management flow in place? No problem! Use our custom framework to match the steps your team is already taking.

You can also customize the visuals to match your company’s brand. The integration is so seamless that your team will think this modern web app was built just for them. The best part is that we take care of the details, so your team doesn't have the burden of setting everything up. 

Dashboards Show Live Status of Your Portfolio

Never lose sight of the big picture. With Parlay's dashboards, you'll have the perfect bird's eye view of all your projects without having to check in with every single team member. You’ll always be ready to show off the story of your innovation portfolio to executives, stakeholders, and internal teams. Reporting on your innovation team's progress has never felt so easy.

Spend Less Time on Process & Reporting

Concept Boards keep your ideas neat and presentable as you iterate your plans. Parlay automatically composes pitch materials from your notes to tell the story of your innovation. Say goodbye to hours of refreshing docs and reports before each meeting. Without constantly moving info around for updates to your team and manager, you can spend more time on the things you love: creating and innovating. 

Expand Your Team's Toolbox with Design Thinking

Parlay features built-in design-thinking methods to help move your concepts forward. Parlay guides your team though activities including Customer Journey Maps, Observation Studies, Brainstorming sessions, Empathy Maps, and more. You can also customize these tools to match your team’s methods.