Parlay is your Innovation Portfolio

The Parlay web app is a collaborative space for your team to craft innovative concepts. Built-in design and research methods help you move your ideas forward. What used to be the messy work of innovation is now actionable and organized, thanks to our Concept Boards. And at any point in your process, Parlay automatically creates a clean view for presentations, so you don't have to spend extra time prepping for that upcoming meeting. 



Craft a holistic vision for your concept

Your new product, service, or business needs a complete story to be successful. Don’t lose sight of the big picture as you work on the details of one aspect. Parlay's Concept Boards help you makes sense of disorganized thoughts and develop your ideas into well-rounded plans.

Value Prop
Business Case
Go To Market
Who are you targeting, and what are they like? How big is this group of people?
What unmet needs do your customers have?
What is your solution to the customer's problem?
How are your target customers currently solving the problem?
Why will customers find your solution more desirable than their other options?
What technical or operational challenges do you need to solve?
How economically viable is the solution?
How will people find, try, and become customers of your solution?

Bring clarity to the messy work of innovation

Centralize the messy work of innovation—brainstorms, research, plans. Parlay’s Concept Boards keep your team on the same page effortlessly.

Work smarter, not harder with Parlay’s design thinking frameworks. Parlay leads team members of any background through design thinking methods like brainstorming techniques, customer journey mapping, empathy maps, and more. 


Tell the story of your innovation

Have a pitch ready to tell your story at all times.

No more static business plans, canvases, or one-pagers that get ignored or buried in folders. Don’t miss opportunities to evolve your plans by only sharing your thinking after-the-fact. Share Concept Pitches with teammates as you develop ideas to get early feedback and build buy-in.