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Unlimited Concept Boards

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All features included in the Individual and Team plans

Customized frameworks for your team's process

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Can I use Parlay for free?

Yes, Parlay is free forever for an individual. You can create as many concept boards as you want. If you want to collaborate with teammates and share your ideas to get feedback, you'll need to upgrade to the Team plan. For a limited time, the Team plan and all collaboration features are free! Take advantage of this promotional period, and join Parlay with your team!


Can I try out the Team plan before I buy it?


For a limited time, the Team plan and all the collaboration features are free! We'll contact you before the end of the free promotional period to discuss pricing. Once the promotion is over, the Team plan will have a free trial to try out Parlay and the collaboration features within your team.


Can I control who can edit my Concept Boards?


Your concept boards are always private to you and your team. Within a team, there are three types of user accounts that control how teammates access the team's concept boards:

  • Team administrators: Full control of the team and all content. They can add and remove any teammate, change the team settings, upgrade or downgrade subscription plans, etc.
  • Team members: Ability to create new concept boards, add, edit and delete content on concept boards, invite Reviewers, etc.
  • Reviewers: Free accounts within the team. They only have the ability to read a concepts and dashboards. They cannot create, edit, or delete content or concept boards.

These are my company secrets; how do I know my content is secure?


At Parlay, we take security very seriously. Our success is contingent upon protecting your content and keeping your innovation strategy private. Here's how we're keeping your concepts safe:

  • We host our application on Microsoft's Azure platform and conform to their best practices regarding security. More on Azure security.
  • All data going over the network is encrypted. All communication to and from our servers use HTTPS and TLS encryption.
  • Our database is encrypted, so all of your content on our servers is secure even when it's not traveling over the network.
  • Parlay employees' access to data is restricted based on their role at the company. Parlay employees do not have the ability to view your content, unless you give us permission (for example, to help resolve a support request). For full details, see our Privacy Policy
  • Our database is backed up and replicated multiple times across multiple different geographic regions. Even if something goes wrong at the primary data center, your content will always be available. Daily backups of the entire system are kept for 7 days.
  • We work with leading security industry professionals on best practices, security testing, and technology choices.

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